The official site of the Paisley Pirates. Founded in 1946. Home games are played at Braehead Arena.



Paisley Pirates win their home opener 4-3 against Solway Sharks on,18 October , Picture: Al Goold (

While for most winter sports the summer months provide something of a break for club officials, for the Paisley Pirates it’s been pretty much business as usual since the season ended in April.


“Yes, we don’t really get much of a breather from the end of one season until the work begins for the next,” said coach Ian Turley. “Folk saw how this preparation and attention to detail paid off for us last season as we won the Scottish National League for only the second time in recent seasons, and while we were disappointed only to be finalists in the other two knockout competitions, that’s the kind of season that any club would take, I think, so I think we’re entitled to say that over the piece it was a successful campaign.”


“There’s a spate of holidays coming up for most of the management team over the next few weeks, so we’ll all have a chance to recharge the batteries, before it’s time to get the show on the road again. I don’t know in precise terms what the team will be for next year, as like I said at the recent Supporters Club AGM, I know that as is in the case most seasons some players won’t be returning, but as usual I’ve had a few enquiries both locally and from further afield, and the league decision to permit one import from an EEC country makes it that bit more interesting, although at this stage there’s no guarantee that we’ll be playing one next year.”


He went on, “We’ve got a meeting of the SNL coming up at the end of July, so we have to have a list of available dates with them by then so that they can work out fixtures according to when we’ll have ice at Braehead Arena. It also looks likely that the number of teams competing will rise from 9 to 11, which is a 22% increase from last year, so that will be good news for our loyal supporters, who once again proved themselves to be an absolutely vital element within the club, and we certainly look forward to going upwards and onwards in the very near future!”