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The ice hockey season might be barely over for the Paisley Pirates, but they’ve already received a huge boost for the new campaign with the news that Renfrewshire Sports Charity will be providing them with a greatly enhanced sponsorship package, following the former’s successful year which saw them lift the Scottish Cup in April.


A delighted coach Ian Turley said, “Renfrewshire Sports Charity have been in discussion with us and they’re very keen to enhance the support they’ve been giving us for a number of seasons now. They will be recognising us as their main beneficiary in terms of a local community club receiving their backing over the next year, which in practical terms means that we will be receiving corporate membership of the Pro Life Fitness Suite. This has huge benefits to players and fans alike, as not only will every one of our signed players receive the benefits of being able to train in a custom built, modern gym whenever they want, not only will they receive the very best advice about nutrition and general wellbeing, but our supporters will have the chance to join the Fitness Suite and use the very best facilities available locally, for vastly reduced membership charges.”


“Renfrewshire Sports Charity, and Pro Life Fitness Suite, have a long history of supporting the Paisley Pirates, going back two decades when Alex Whelan was a major player in the support of the club during a difficult spell in the Lagoon. They’ve been an extra player for the Pirates since we’ve been involved in the running of the club, initially sponsoring our club jerseys, but this new deal certainly takes their support to a new level,” he went on.


“Last year, we won a number of games in the latter stages due to our fitness levels, and having the expert advice and facilities available via the organisation, which now of course is under the management of Renfrewshire Sports Charity, can only help us go further, as we begin the preparations for another assault on the league title which we narrowly missed out on in the season just ended. This level of fitness facility is one which, I believe, a number of Elite League sides would be delighted to have, and it demonstrates the commitment of Renfrewshire Sports Charity to support local sports clubs such as ours in very practical ways.”


“We’ll also be looking for means of supporting each other’s activities over the course of the year,” he continued, “so make no mistake, this is a huge announcement for the Paisley Pirates, one which can only help us mount another sustained challenge in our efforts to become the premier SNL ice hockey team. Renfrewshire Sports Charity has just made a difficult task a little bit easier, and we look forward to the challenge ahead, knowing we have them standing side by side as we do so.”