The official site of the Paisley Pirates. Founded in 1946. Home games are played at Braehead Arena.




Paisley Pirates are celebrating a welcome boost after they were included in a prestigious list of the 42 Most Iconic Hockey Towns in Europe, produced by one of Canada’s largest online travel websites, Flight Network, which specialises in providing travel and tourist information for hundreds of thousands of Canadians travelling abroad each year.


“We were contacted by Flight Network some time ago and asked if we’d like to submit information about the club, and the town of Paisley, for possible inclusion in the information they are transmitting across the country,” said Jackie Turley, club secretary. “As ice hockey is to Canada what football is to Scotland we thought it was an ideal opportunity to illustrate what is good about the town of Paisley and, of course, the Paisley Pirates, but to be honest we probably didn’t give ourselves much of a chance of inclusion, particularly when you see the size and scale of some of the clubs from across Europe who were included. There are some very big hitters in the list produced, and we thought that possibly a small SNL club from Scotland couldn’t really compete against some of Europe’s leading cities and ice hockey teams.”


“We’re very proud to represent Paisley in national competitions each year and we never tire of reminding people where we’re from, and we like to think a few more people know something about the town because of our activities on a national scale. This, however, takes matters onto an international scale for us and when you think that thousands of Canadians come into Glasgow Airport every year, right on the town’s doorstep, you would hope that some of them at least might find their way to the town and pick up on some of the tourist attractions here. We told the Flight Network people a little about the history of the mills in Paisley and its surroundings, and its history in thread making, and it obviously took a trick with the judges, as we made it into the publicity material they’ve now produced for would be visitors, alongside major clubs and cities from all over Europe.”


“To say we’re delighted with our inclusion is an understatement. Edinburgh are the only other British club included and we suspect that most Canadian visitors already know of the city, so being able to do our bit for the town, who have always been very supportive of THEIR ice hockey team, gives us an immense feeling of pride. We’re looking forward to the prospect of welcoming Canadian visitors to our games next season, and hope that with the Pirates maybe encouraging Canadian hockey fans to come to see us if they’re in this neck of the woods, they’ll be seeing what the town of Paisley has to offer them while they’re here.. With Paisley 2021 just over the horizon, the timing could hardly be better, and we like to think that our success will help our town achieve, in turn, the recognition it deserves.”


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