The official site of the Paisley Pirates. Founded in 1946. Home games are played at Braehead Arena.



Paisley Pirates Supporters Club is taking advantage of the team’s temporary break in matches via a Race Night which will take place on Saturday, 19 November within the town.


“We thought that seeing the players have an enforced period of inactivity due to the non-availability of Braehead Arena, there was an opportunity to run a fundraiser during the blank spell which doesn’t just aim to raise a bucketload of cash for our favourite ice hockey team, but also keeps supporters and players together,” said chairwoman Marie Cadenhead. “Some of the newcomers to the team haven’t yet met many of our fans and it’s about time they got a chance to do so, and a social occasion sounded like a perfect fit to us, so it all comes together on 19 November.”


She went on, “We remember what coach Ian Turley said to the supporters at a meeting before the season started about the absolute necessity to raise money to safeguard not just this season, but the one after, and establish an ethos of fundraising which everyone becomes familiar with. We’re still looking for raffle prizes in particular for the night if anyone still wants to contribute, as well as horse owners at £3 a time, race sponsors at £25 each, and, of course, folk to turn up on the night and pay the £4 admission fee.”


“A well attended, not to say well supported, Race Night can make a huge difference to the club’s finances over the course of the season so we’re sincerely hoping that Pirates’ fans show their traditional generosity by donating raffle prizes, sponsoring races and horses, and of course, being there on the night.”


She concluded by commenting, “We’re confident that Pirates’ fans and, indeed, players will support the event in big numbers and give the main club a huge boost in doing so. Supporters who haven’t yet confirmed their intentions in attending and/or sponsoring any part of the event can do so by emailing me at and we’ll send them back confirmation of details, venue, start time, etc .”


Coach Ian Turley said, “I’m delighted to see the Supporters Club getting right behind us in staging an event of this magnitude which will raise a lot of money and, at the same time, improve the already good relationship between the team and supporters. It does the team’s confidence a power of good to know that our fans are digging deep to support their efforts on the ice by putting themselves out to this extent, and it only helps enhance the club to see the link between fans and players grow even more. We’ve just been to Aberdeen, we have another trip there in the Scottish Cup, and we’ve still to go to Elgin, all at no little expense to the club in terms of booking buses, so knowing that the Supporters Club is contributing so significantly to the costs of going to these places is very good news indeed!”